Chemicals are used as emulsifiers and preservative in various industries

GLR is a key supplier of a variety of Chemicals developed employing novel technology and methods.

GLR is one of the leading traders of speciality chemicals offering the broadest product range along with proactive, customer- oriented expertise.
We continually strive to provide our customers with the best technical expertise, regulatory support and customer service.

We offers speciality fertilizer chemicals used in dry and liquid fertilizer products. These chemicals give plants the essential nutrients needed for growth.


We work outside regular channels to develop chemicals for most challenging projects.

We love what we do. Our clients tell us the same thing.

We take care of everything, from collection to trading and recycling.

Our team continually provides manufacturers with the appropriate specialty ingredients to improve performance of consumer products used for household, institutional, and industrial cleaning. Whether you need chemicals used in household cleaners or chemicals used in industrial laundry

We offers a variety of natural and synthetic aroma chemicals and essential oils to the flavor and fragrance industries. We are known as a high quality aroma chemical and essential oil supplier.

We provide a meaningful link to specialty chemicals and ingredients for our customers every day. Our technical professionals work side by side understand process and develop the chemical that meets your specifications and standards.