Sourcing Raw Material for Manufacturers

We strive to work with those suppliers who demonstrate commitment to superior customer service, quality and continuous improvement.

Our procurement activities support the formation of long-term relationships

Our dedicated Purchasing team serves a unique coordination role between suppliers and all other GLR associates, and is the only team authorized to procure raw materials. The Purchasing team administers and controls the procurement process, including evaluations, certifications and negotiations, and manages supplier relationships.

GLR understands that the procurement of direct materials must be directly linked to customer satisfaction. If an inexpensive alternate product is in any way inferior to the product it replaces, then the cost saving benefits do not outweigh our customer’s, and their customer’s, ultimate satisfaction.

Sourcing Raw Material

Raw material approvals and purchasing decisions are based on several criteria as evaluated across several functional areas of GLR. These include product performance, quality and overall value taking into consideration price, delivery and service.

Manufacturer Expectations

Efficient Work

To maintain and enhance our relationship through the practice of the highest standards of business ethics, professional courtesy, and competent conduct.

High Quality of Goods

Provide the highest value of goods based on product performance, quality, fair pricing, technical service, delivery and sales support.

Identification Services

Protect the confidentiality of identity, proprietary information, specifications, and price quotations.